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SignaGen’s Ad.MAX™ Adenovirus Expression System for Maximum Adenovirus Production

Ad.MAX™ Technology for Maximum Adenovirus Production:
Ad.MAX™ technology was developed by genetically modifying virus packaging cell, HEK293 cell and adenoviral shuttle vector or adenoviral genome for maximum adenovirus production. The core of this proprietary technology lies in the genetically engineered HEK293 in which adenoviral replication is kept intact while viral protein expression during adenovirus packaging process is significantly suppressed. In combination with a trans-element in adenovirus genome which recognizes the suppressor cassette of HEK293 cell, Ad.MAX™ system allows maximum adenovirus production with minimum protein expression during viral packaging. This system is extremely useful for packaging adenoviral vectors with toxic genes of interests (GOI), which will otherwise kill HEK293 during adenovirus replication and production, leading to dramatic reduction in adenovirus yield. Ad.MAX™ technology eventually allows researchers to construct all genes (<7.5 kb) to adenovirus.

A Cartoon Showing How Ad.MAX™ Technology Works

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