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1st, 2nd Generations vs. Gutless Adenovirus Systems

Map of adenovirus serotype 5 genome and different generations of adenoviral vectors. Early transcripts are represented by E1–E4 regions and late transcripts are represented by L1–L5 regions. MLP: major late […]

What is WPRE?

Woodchuck Hepatitis Virus (WHP) Posttranscriptional Regulatory Element (WPRE) is a DNA sequence that, when transcribed creates a tertiary structure enhancing expression. Commonly used in molecular biology to increase expression of […]

Key properties of a viral vector

Viral vectors are tailored to their specific applications but generally share a few key properties: Safety: Although viral vectors are occasionally created from pathogenic viruses, they are modified in such […]

>300 Pre-made Ready to Use Adenoviruses from SignaGen

SiganGen is offering >300 pre-made and ready to use adenovirus vectors.  All the pre-packaged adenoviruses were packaged from Ad.MAX™ system with a serotype 5 adenoviral backbone* (E1/E3 deletion).  All the […]