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The Principle of Transformation

As DNA is a highly hydrophilic molecule, it usually cannot pass through the cell membrane of bacteria. Hence, to make bacteria capable of internalizing genetic material, they must be made […]

Gibson Assembly Cloning

Summary In 2009 Dr. Daniel Gibson and colleagues at the J. Craig Venter Institute developed a novel method for the easy assembly of multiple linear DNA fragments (Nat Methods 2009;6(5):343-5). […]

Tips for Maximizing Ligation Efficiencies

T4 DNA Ligase is the most extensively used ligase for cloning-based experiments. Traditionally, a ligation reaction (blunt or cohesive ends) using traditional T4 DNA Ligase involves incubation at 16°C using […]

Troubles with ligation?

Check the activity of your T4 DNA Ligase with two easy-to-do control experiments You may check the efficiency of your ligation reaction by mixing the reaction with loading dye containing […]