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Daily Archives: October 9, 2015

Real Time PCR Dyes

Dye Structure Color Vendor Cat # Price Features SYBR Green 1 Green unstable at 4 °C SYTO-82 Orange does not inhibit PCR, show no preferential binding to GC rich sequences […]

GCaMP6 calcium indicators

Name Description Addgene Plasmid ID Reference CMV-GCaMP6s improved SNR, slower kinetics 40753 Chen et al., 2013 CMV-GCaMP6m improved SNR, intermediate kinetics 40754 Chen et al., 2013 CMV-GCaMP6f improved SNR, faster […]

Cre-inducible Adeno-associated Virus: DIO-AAV

For cell type-specific targeting and to capitalize on the large number of Cre driver lines with the flexible virus injection/fiberoptic approach, we have developed a tool we call DIO-AAV (doublefloxed […]

Primers for Lentivirus Titration using qRT-PCR

Vector and region amplified Primers and probes dedicated for the amplification of lentiviral or transgenic DNA sequences Primers and probes dedicated for the amplification of internal control DNAs (cellular genome […]

Home-made Gateway Clonase II

1.Excision reaction. 44.5 mM Tris–borate (pH 8.3) 7.5 mM Tris–HCl (pH 8.0) 1.15 mM EDTA 5 mM spermidine 60 mM KCl 0.275 mg/ml BSA 15% (v/v) glycerol. Int 50~100 nM […]