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  • Catalog #: SL101154
  • Unit Size: 1 x 0.2 mL

Ad-tdTOMATO; tdTOMATO Adenovirus

Product Category: Human Adenovirus Type5 (dE1/E3);  Ad-CMV-tdTOMATO; Ad-tdTOMATO

This recombinant human adenovirus type 5 over-expresses tdTOMATO under CMV promoter.
tdTOMATO, tandem dimeric (pseudo-monomeric) derivative of DsRed, is an exceptionally bright red fluorescent protein with around 6 times brighter than EGFP.  Because the two subunits of tdTomato are linked covalently, it behaves as a monomer, and has been used successfully for N- and C- terminal fusions. It shows very low aggregation, excellent photostability and its half-time for maturation is just one hour at 37°C.  The red emission and brightness of tdTomato’s make it ideal for both in vitro and in vivo imaging studies.

Titer: 1x1010 ~ 1x1011 PFU/mL

Storage Buffer: DMEM with 2% BSA & 2.5% Glycerol

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Ad-CMV-tdTOMATO; Ad-tdTOMATO; Pre-made Adenovirus

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