> Pre-packaged Lentivirus: SignaGen launches a novel LentiMAX Lentivirus Packaging System with inclusion of a proprietary shRNA construct targeting protein kinase R for maximum lentivirus yield.  Based on this system, >200 in vivo grade lentiviral vectors were pre-packaged at >10^9 TU/mL and kept in stock for immediate shipping... [ GO ]

> DNA/siRNA Transfection: LipoJet™ In Vitro Transfection Kit, formulated from novel fluorinated cationic lipids which show most powerful transfection efficiency for a variety of applications including plasmid DNA/siRNA single transfection and DNA/siRNA co-transfection... [ GO ]

> DNA Transfection: PolyJet™ In Vitro DNA Transfection Reagent, a novel biodegradable cationic polymer which was formulated to beat the leading products in terms of transfection efficiency at more affordable price ... [ GO ]

> 37,430 Adenoviruses Ready to Package: More than 37,430 human ORFs were cloned into our Ad.MAX™ adenovirus expression system and ready to package, providing faster yet more economical way to produce adenoviruses
... [ GO ]

> Custom Adenovirus Production: Custom adenovirus service with Ad.MAX™ System,
a streamlined adenovirus construction procedure that guarantees the expression of gene of interests (GOI), maximum viral yield, timely delivery and high-standard quality control... [ GO ]

> siRNA Transfection:
PepMute™ siRNA Transfection Reagent, a novel viral protein analog, gives up to 95% gene silencing at 1.0 nM of siRNA to variety of mammalian cells... [ GO ]

> siRNA Transfection: GenMute™ siRNA Transfection Reagent (Ver. II), A novel non-liposomal, PDCC technology formulated siRNA transfection reagent, gives up to 95% gene knockdown at 1.0 nM of siRNA... [ GO ]

> Lentivirus Production: LipoD293™ In Vitro DNA Transfection Reagent (Ver. II), An Enhanced Liposome-based Transfection Reagent, gives terrific lentivirus titer with very affordable price... [ GO ]

> Western Blotting: BlotFresh™ Western Blot Stripping Reagent Formulated for Complete Removal of Antibodies from Blot at Room Temperature, No Stench Odor... [ GO ]

> In Vitro DNA Transfection: GenJet™ In Vitro DNA Transfection Reagent (Ver. II), an upgraded version of GenJet™ with 100% DNA condensing groups liberated, leading to significant increase in efficiency without sacrificing cell viability... [ GO ]

> In Vivo DNA Transfection: GenJet™ Plus In Vivo DNA Transfection Reagent, formulated by cross-linking a shield peptide, gives superior efficiency on lung and spleen in vivo... [ GO ]

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