Adenovirus Amplification Service, Large Scale

  • Catalog #: SL100704
  • Unit Size: 2.0 ml at >5E+10~5E+11 PFU/mL

Adenovirus Amplification Service Large Scale

Production of Recombinant Serotype 5 Adenovirus (E1/E3 deletion) with Ad.MAX System:
- Unsurpassable transduction efficiency (nearly 100% vs. AAV 30~40% and Lentivirus ~30%) in most mammalian cells.
- No integration into host genome.
- Compatible with toxic gene of interest (GOI).
- Induce high-level transient protein expression.
- Accommodate inserts of up to 7.5 kb.

Service Description:
1. Generation of high titer recombinant adenoviral stocks in ~4000 cm2 of Ad.MAX™ 293 cells.
2. 2xCsCl ultracentrifuge for highly purified adenovirus.
3. Adenovirus PFU titration.

Required Materials: Customer provide adenovirus vector or select our pre-packaged adenovirus vectors.

Turnaround Time: 1 ~ 2 weeks.

Deliverables: >2.0 mL (10x0.2 mL) super purified in vivo grade of adenovirus particles at >5E+10~5E+11 PFU/mL*.

We offer discount for new customers, please request a quote with us today.

* Final adenovirus yield may depend on the nature of transgene.

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