GenMute™ Transfection Buffer (5x )

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  • Catalog #: SL100572
  • Unit Size: 8.0 mL

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GenMute™ Transfection Buffer (5x )

GenMute™ Transfection Buffer was formulated for GenMute™ siRNA & DNA Transfection Reagent for optimal transfection efficiency and maximum gene expression knockdown. GenMute™ Transfection Buffer is used to dilute siRNA/DNA and GenMute™ Transfection Reagent to form the most efficient transfection complex.
GenMute™ Transfection Buffer(5x ), 8.0 ml, is provided as 5x concentrated stock solution to make 40 ml of working solution

GenMute™ Transfection Buffer, 8.0 mL/vial, to make 40 mL of working solution (1x ), sufficient for 1000 transfections in 24-well plate.

Store at RT. If stored properly, the product is stable for 12 months or longer.


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