shRNA Validation Service

  • Catalog #: SL100786
  • Unit Size: 3.0 µg shRNA Shuttle Plasmid

shRNA Validation Service via Cell-based Reporter System

shRNA Validation Service via Cell-based Reporter System:
- Cloning ORF of gene of interests (GOI) into an adenovirus shuttle vector with a reporter.
- Design and synthesize ~6 shRNA oligoes followed by cloning them to the above shuttle construct to obtain shRNA validation plasmid.
- Transient transfection the shRNA validation plasmid.
- Quantification of target gene silencing via FACS (for GFP expression) or luminometer (for luciferase expression).

Available shRNA Validation Platforms:
- Constitutive shRNA knockdown
- Inducible shRNA knockdown

Guaranteed Knockdown:
We guarantee at least 1 shRNA at >80% knockdown of mRNA level in the tested cells by screening ~6 shRNA oligoes.


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Figure 1.  A Cartoon Showing shRNA Validation Process for shRNA Adenovirus Production.

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