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  • Catalog #: SL100306
  • Unit Size: 2 x 25 µL (>10^9 TU/mL)

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LV-HB9-mCherry; HB9-mCherry Lentivirus

Product Category: Pre-made recombinant lentivirus; LV-HB9-mCherry; HB9-mCherry Lentivirus

Description: LV-HB9-mCherry is pre-made lentivirus which expresses mCherry under the mouse HB9 promoter.  HB9 promoter is motor neuron specific promoter and will direct mCherry expression exclusively in motor neurons. Ready to use format.

Titer: > 1x109 TU/mL

Purity*: In vivo grade and OK for both in vitro tissue culture infection and in vivo injection

Size: 2 x 25 µL (Std Pack)

Storage Buffer: PBS

Infection Protocol:

Transfer Vector Map:
LV-HB9-mCherry; HB9-mCherry Lentivirus

Concentrated via PEG precipitation followed by ultra-centrifugation at 25000 rpm

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