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Overview of Lentivirus Pseudotypes

Overview of Lentivirus Pseudotypes Family Genus Species Vector References Rhabdoviridae Vesiculovirus Vesicular stomatitis virus (Indiana virus) HIV-1 [Akkina, 1996][Naldini, 1996][Reiser, 1996] HIV-2 [Poeschla, 1998a] FIV [Poeschla, 1998b] EIAV [Olsen, 1998] […]

A universal DNA qPCR based approach for lentivirus titration

A quantitative, DNA-based, real-time PCR approach to determine the number of lentivirus particles that are present in vector preparations was reported. In this approach, the minus strong-stop cDNA fragment that is present in viral capsids serves as […]

Optimal MOIs for Some Cells Infected with Lentivirus

Cell line Tissue Cancer/cell type Species MOI A431 Epithelial Carcinoma Human 5 A549 Lung Carcinoma Human 5 Astrocytes Nervous system Primary Human 1 B16-F10 Epithelial Melanoma, metastatic Mouse 5 BMM Bone Marrow Primary Human 8 […]