AAV-hSyn-DIO-mCherry (AAV Serotype 1)

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  • Unit Size: 1 x >30 µL (>1E+13 VG/mL)

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Product Category: Pre-made recombinant AAV; AAV-hSynapsin-DIO-mCherry; AAV-Synapsin-DIO-mCherry; AAV1-hSyn-DIO-mCherry


is a pre-made rAAV in serotype 1 which will Cre dependently over-express mCherry driven under human synapsin promoter as illustrated as the cartoon below.

mCherry is a red monomer which matures extremely rapid, making it possible to see results very soon after activating transcription. It is highly photostable and resistant to photobleaching.
In the DIO scenario, the transgene of interest is inserted in reverse orientation relative to the 5' promoter and is flanked by oppositely oriented loxP and lox2272 sites.  In the absence of Cre expression, the transgene will not be produced. In the presence of Cre expression, the transgene will be "Flip-exchanged" or FLEXed, leading to the expression of the transgene. This is due to a permanent Cre-mediated recombination/inversion of the flanked transgene. This arrangement is called DIO (double-floxed inverse ORF), Cre-ON, Flex-rev (reverse), Flex-ON/FlexON, or DIO-AAV/AAV-DIO (double-floxed inverse ORF in AAV). 


Titer: > 1x1013 VG/mL

Size: > 30 µL (Std Pack)

Storage Buffer: Sterile PBS

Infection Protocol:

Vector Map:
AAV-Synapsin-DIO-mCherry; AAV1-Synapsin-DIO-mCherry; AAV-eSyn-DIO-mCherry; AAV1-Syn-DIO-mCherry

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