AAV-MHCK7-GFP (AAV Serotype 6)

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  • Unit Size: 1 x >30 ÁL (>1E+13 VG/mL)

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Pre-made recombinant AAV; AAV-MHCK7-GFP; AAV6-MHCK7-GFP

Product Category: Pre-made recombinant AAV; AAV-MHCK7-GFP; AAV6-MHCK7-GFP

AAV6-MHCK7-GFP is a pre-packaged rAAV in serotype 6 (capsid from AAV serotype 6 and 2xITR from AAV serotype 2) which over-expresses EGFP under the muscle specific MHCK7 promoter.  MHCK7 promoter (770 bp) is a hybrid promoter consisting of enhancer/promoter regions of murine muscle creatine kinase (CK) and alpha-myosin heavy-chain genes.  It has been confirmed that MHCK7 promoter is one of the strongest muscle specific promoters, directing high-level expression in fast and slow skeletal & cardiac muscle yet low expression in the liver, lung and spleen etc. 

Titer: > 1x1013 VG/mL

Size: > 30 ÁL (Std Pack)

Storage Buffer: PBS

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Pre-made recombinant AAV; AAV-MHCK7-GFP; AAV6-MHCK7-GFP