AAV Empty Capsids (AAV Serotype 1)

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  • Unit Size: 1 x 30 µL (>1E+13 Capsid/mL)

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AAV empty capsids are usually a by-product during the AAV packaging process and can be visualized located above the band of the full capsids after ultracentrifugation.  With a specially designed rAAV packaging procedures, we packaged and obtained 100% purified AAV empty capsids which don't carry any AAV genome as determined via ELISA and HPLC-FLD.  The AAV empty capsids can be used as controls and standard reference materials in assays such as HPLC, ELISA, etc. We offer these AAV reference materials in AAV1, AAV2, AAV5, AAV6, AAV8, and AAV9 serotypes.




 Storage Buffer:

  PBS with 0.05% Pluronic F-68

 Storage Conditions:



 Dry ice

 Capsid Titer:

  >1E+13 Capsid/mL

 Percentage of Empty Capsids:





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