AAV-CAG-Luc (AAV Serotype BI30)

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  • Catalog #: SL116259
  • Unit Size: 1 x >30 L (>1E+13 VG/mL)

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Product Category:Pre-made recombinant AAV; AAV-CAG-Luc; AAV-CBA-Luc, AAV(BI30)-CAG-Luc; AAV(BI30)-CBA-Luc;AAV(BI30)-CAG-fLuc; AAV(BI30)-CBA-fLuc

Description:AAV(BI30)-CAG-Luc is a pre-packaged rAAV in BI30 (a capsid with tropism for CNS endothelial cells) which over-expresses firefly luciferase (Luc) under CAG (also known as CBA) promoter. The CAG promoter is a combination of the cytomegalovirus (CMV) early enhancer element and chicken beta-actin promoter for high levels of gene expression in mammalian expression vectors. Ready to use format.

Titer:> 1x1013VG/mL

Size:>30L (Std Pack)

Storage Buffer:PBS

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Pre-made recombinant AAV; AAV-CAG-Luc; AAV-CBA-Luc, AAV(BI30)-CAG-Luc; AAV(BI30)-CBA-Luc; AAV(BI30)-CAG-fLuc; AAV(BI30)-CBA-fLuc


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