Custom Lentivirus Production Full Service, Pilot Scale

  • Catalog #: SL100201
  • Unit Size: 0.25 mL at >10^9 TU/mL

Production of Recombinant Pseudotyped Lentivirus with Lenti.MAX Packaging System:
- Derived from 3rd generation packaging system with a shRNA construct included for maximum yield. 
- An inhibitory trans element upstream of 5'-LTR allows packaging toxic transgenes.
- LentiMAX™ packaging cell line is optimized for high pseudoviral titers.

Large lentivirus trans vector inventory for constructing lentivector carrying a specific promoter and reporter:

Service Description:
1. Clone your gene of interest (GOI) into a lentivirus trans vector.
2. Lentivirus packaging via Lenti.MAX
™ packaging system..
3. Lentivirus purification via PEG precipitation followed by ultra-centrifugation.

4. Recombinant lentivirus titration via p24 ELISA.

Required Material: A NCBI accession # or gene symbol or plasmid DNA carrying your gene of interest (GOI).

Turnaround Time: ~2 weeks.

Deliverables: >0.25 mL (5x50
L) at >10^9 TU/mL* in vivo grade** super purified lentiviral vector.

We offer discount for new customer, please request a quote with us today.

We offer truncated service as well, please request a quote with us today.

* Despite the fact that the final lentivirus yield depends on the nature of transgene and varies from batch to batch, we guarantee the titer >10^9 TU/mL.
We deliver in vivo grade of lentivirus which is OK for both in vitro tissue culture infection and in vivo injection.