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In HIV, pseudotyping is used to change the tropism of the virion.  In other words, pseudotyping changes the way the Lentivector targets a specific cell for infection.  In wild type […]


Though there are several virus delivery systems available today for gene therapy, lentivirus is considered one of the best methods.  Several features make lentivirus preferable especially the ability to infect […]

Overview of Lentivirus Pseudotypes

Family Genus Species Vector References Rhabdoviridae Vesiculovirus Vesicular stomatitis virus (Indiana virus) HIV-1 [Akkina, 1996][Naldini, 1996][Reiser, 1996] HIV-2 [Poeschla, 1998a] FIV [Poeschla, 1998b] EIAV [Olsen, 1998] BIV [Berkowitz, 2001a] JDV […]

rAAV Vector Tropism

rAAV Vector Tropism: rAAV Serotype Applications (X = Recommended for use) Skeletal muscle Heart Lung CNS / Eye Liver Adipose AAV1 X X X X – – AAV2 – – […]

Real Time PCR Dyes

Dye Structure Color Vendor Cat # Price Features SYBR Green 1 Green unstable at 4 °C SYTO-82 Orange does not inhibit PCR, show no preferential binding to GC rich sequences […]

GCaMP6 calcium indicators

Name Description Addgene Plasmid ID Reference CMV-GCaMP6s improved SNR, slower kinetics 40753 Chen et al., 2013 CMV-GCaMP6m improved SNR, intermediate kinetics 40754 Chen et al., 2013 CMV-GCaMP6f improved SNR, faster […]

Cre-inducible Adeno-associated Virus: DIO-AAV

For cell type-specific targeting and to capitalize on the large number of Cre driver lines with the flexible virus injection/fiberoptic approach, we have developed a tool we call DIO-AAV (doublefloxed […]