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About SignaGen

SignaGen Laboratories is a fast growing bio-reagents manufacturer founded by several ambitious bench scientists in 2007.

From 1st day of its creation, SignaGen has been arming to become the leader in developing and manufacturing gene delivery tools for the research community of US and beyond with logical prices. For chemical gene delivery tools, we have successfully developed and launched series of DNA/siRNA transfection reagents for both in vitro and in vivo applications. For viral gene delivery vectors, we have developed Ad.MAX™ adenovirus expression system, AAV.HT™ packaging system and LV.SHY™ for maximum recombinant adenovirus, AAV and lentivirus production.

SignaGen has been striving to offer the best gene delivery solutions with most affordable pricing. So far there are >1600 scientific papers citing our products and services.

SignaGen Laboratories, A Gene Delivery Company ——— “Your One Stop Gene Delivery Solution Chemical and Viral…”

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