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Predesigned/Validated siRNA

Instructions: Please select a siRNA database from the pull down menu. At present we offer control duplexes and pre-designed siRNAs for over 17,000 reviewed genes based on the NCBI Refseq […]

miRBase: the microRNA database

miRBase provides the following services: The miRBase database is a searchable database of published miRNA sequences and annotation. Each entry in the miRBase Sequence database represents a predicted hairpin portion […]

List of Protein Tags

Peptide tags AviTag, a peptide allowing biotinylation by the enzyme BirA and so the protein can be isolated by streptavidin (GLNDIFEAQKIEWHE) Calmodulin-tag, a peptide bound by the protein calmodulin (KRRWKKNFIAVSAANRFKKISSSGAL) […]

Role of Serum in Cell Culture Media

Serum provides > growth factors and hormones > binding and transport proteins > attachment and spreading factors > additional amino acids, vitamins and trace elements > fatty acids and lipids > […]

Lentivirus Production Protocol

Supplies: 293FT Cells (Invitrogen: R700-07) T-225 tissue culture flasks (Nunc: 159934) T-75 tissue culture flasks (Nunc: 156499) 500 cm2 tissue culture plates (Nunc: 166508) Ultracentrifuge tubes (Beckman Culture: 344058) DMEM […]

Plasmids for Optogenetics Sensors from Addgene

Addgene’s repository contains a variety of genetically encoded biosensors to monitor and measure fluctuations in molecular signals in cells, including those to monitor calcium, glutamate, pH, and voltage. These optogenetics […]