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Plasmids for Optogenetics Sensors from Addgene

Addgene’s repository contains a variety of genetically encoded biosensors to monitor and measure fluctuations in molecular signals in cells, including those to monitor calcium, glutamate, pH, and voltage. These optogenetics […]

Optogenetics rAAVs

INTRSECT (INTronic Recombinase Sites Enabling Combinatorial Targeting)-related constructs A versatile single-AAV system for selective expression that is conditional upon multiple cell-type features (such as wiring or genetic type) related by […]

Fetal Bovine Serum – the Tipping Point

Users of US Fetal Bovine Serum have been watching for months and months how prices climb up along with a constantly growing shortage and with no end in sight. Yet […]

>100 Pre-made Ready to Use rAAVs from SignaGen

All the following pre-made AAVs were packaged in serotype 1**, 2, 5, 6, 8** and 9** and super purified via 2xCsCl ultra-centrifugation in in-vivo grade.  All the pre-packaged rAAVs were […]

Summary of clinical trials using AAV gene transfer

Disease Transgene product Serotype Route of administration Clinical trial identifier Refs AAV clinical trials for inherited diseases α1 antitrypsin deficiency α1 antitrypsin AAV2 Intramuscular Phase I/II NCT00377416 101,102 AAV1 […]

Key properties of a viral vector

Viral vectors are tailored to their specific applications but generally share a few key properties: Safety: Although viral vectors are occasionally created from pathogenic viruses, they are modified in such […]

Pre-made Lentivirus from GeneCopoeia

Positive and negative controls: eGFP eYFP eCFP mCherry PLUM Firefly luciferase Renilla luciferase Gaussia luciferase Firefly luciferase + eGFP/mCherry Renilla luciferase + eGFP/mCherry Firefly luciferase + IRES-mCherry Renilla luciferase + […]