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CRISPR Genome Editing in Mice from He Lab at UC Berkeley

​CRISPR-mediated mouse genome editing is typically accomplished by microinjection of Cas9 DNA/RNA and sgRNA into zygotes to achieve editing in one step. We developed a simple and economic electroporation-based strategy, […]

Several Validated siRNA

siRNA                    Species                 Target sequence PPARα                  mouse                  5´-GGGUCAUACUCGCGGGAAAdtdt-3´ PPARα                  mouse                  5´-GGCUGAAGCUGGUGUACGAdtdt-3´ PPARα                  mouse                  5´-GGGCAAGAGAAUCCACGAAdtdt-3´ PPARα                  mouse                  5´-ACACAAUGCAAUUCGCUUUdtdt-3´ GYK                    […]

shRNA/siRNA Design Online Tools