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Plasmids for Optogenetics Sensors from Addgene

Addgene’s repository contains a variety of genetically encoded biosensors to monitor and measure fluctuations in molecular signals in cells, including those to monitor calcium, glutamate, pH, and voltage. These optogenetics sensors have been organized below into plasmids containing calcium sensors and other sensors.

Calcium Sensors

Reporter Variant Description Plasmid(s)
GCaMP GCaMP2 Modified calcium indicator derived from a fusion of a cpEGFP with C-terminus CaM and N-terminus M13 (GCaMP)
  • CMV-GCaMP2
GCaMP3 Modified GCaMP
  • G-CaMP3
GCaMP5G Modified GCaMP
  • pCMV-GCaMP5G
  • pN1 Lck-GCaMP5G
  • GCaMP6s
  • GCaMP6m
  • GCaMP6f
Modified GCaMP
  • pGP-CMV-GCaMP6s
  • GP-CMV-GCaMP6m
  • pGP-CMV-GCaMP6f
GECO G-GECO1.0 Genetically encoded calcium indicator (GECO)
  • CMV-G-GECO1.0
  • pTorPE-G-GECO1
G-GECO1.1 Modified GECO
  • CMV-G-GECO1.1
  • pTorPE-G-GECO1.1
G-GECO1.2 Modified GECO
  • CMV-G-GECO1.2
  • pTorPE-G-GECO1.2
  • CMV-mito-GEM-GECO1
  • pTorPE-GEM-GECO1
R-GECO1.0 Modified GECO
  • pTorPE-R-GECO1
GR-GECO1.1 Modified GECO
  • pCMV-GR-GECO1.1
  • pTorPE-GR-GECO1.1
GR-GECO1.2 Modified GECO
  • pCMV-GR-GECO1.2
  • pTorPE-GR-GECO1.2
Twitch Twitch-1 High-performing calcium indicator based on C-terminal domain of troponin C
  • Twitch-1 pRSETB
  • Twitch-2B pRSETB
  • Twitch-2B pcDNA3
  • Twitch-3 pcDNA3
  • Twitch-3 pRSETB
  • Twitch-4 pcDNA3
  • Twitch-4 pRSETB
  • Twitch-5 pRSETB
  • TN-XXL pcDNA3

Other Sensors

Cellular Signal Reporter Variant Description Plasmid(s)
Chloride & pH ClopHensor Simultaneous, measurement of Cl and pH with E2GFP indicator
  • pcDNA3-ClopHensor
  • pcDNA3-PalmPalm-ClopHensor
ClopHensorN Simultaneous measurement of Cl- and pH optimized for use in the nervous system
  • ClopHensorN
Glutamate iGluSnFR Intensity-based glutamate-sensing fluorescent reporter (iGluSnFR)
  • pCMV(MinDis).iGluSnFR
  • pRSET.GltI253-cpGFP.L1LV/L2NP
pH sypHy Fluorescent reporter of pH-sensitive pHluorin fused to synaptophysin
  • CMV::SypHy A4
Voltage VSFP VSFP2.1 Voltage-sensitive fluorescent protein (VSFP); Ci-VSP voltage sensor domain fused to a pair of fluorescent proteins (C-terminally truncated CFP and YFP)
  • pcDNA 3.1(-) VSFP2.1
VSFP3.1 Modified VSFP with R217Q mutation in the S4 domain of Ci-VSP
  • pcDNA 3.1(-) VSFP3.1
VSFP-CR VSFP fused to Clover-mRuby2 FRET pair
  • pcDNA3.1/Puro-CAG-VSFP-CR
ArcLight ArcLight-S249 Modified ArcLight (voltage-sensing domain of Ci-VSP and super ecliptic pHluorin with A227D mutation) with pHluorin at position S249 in Ci-VSP
  • ArcLight-S249
ArcLight-Q239 Modified ArcLight with pHluorin at position Q239 in Ci-VSP
  • ArcLight-Q239
ArcLight-A242 Modified ArcLight with pHluorin at position A242 in Ci-VSP
  • ArcLight-A242
ASAP ASAP1 Accelerated Sensor of Action Potentials 1 (ASAP1), a cpGFP is inserted in an extracellular loop of a voltage-sensing domain
  • pcDNA3.1/Puro-CAG-ASAP1

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