LentiMAX™ Packaging Mix

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  • Unit Size: 2 x 25 Rxn Kit

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LentiMAX™ Lentivirus Packaging Mix

LentiMAX Lentivirus Packaging Mix was formulated from the 3rd generation lentiviral packaging system with a proprietary shRNA plasmid targeting protein kinase R (PKR) included for maximum lentivirus production.  The LentiMAX Packaging Mix offers an extremely simple and consistent one-step method for producing high-titer lentivirus.  LentiMAX Lentivirus Packaging Mix contains total 4 plasmids with one shRNA(PKR) plasmid included (Figure 1).  CalFectin™ Mammalian Cell Transfection Reagent (1x1.0 mL) is included with each kit.  

how the LentiMax™ Packaging System works.
Figure 1.  The carton shows how the LentiMax packaging mix works. 

- Compatible with 2nd and 3rd generation lentivectors.
- Super high titer up to 10 times higher than conventional packaging system.
- Transfection reagent included.
Ready to use format.  

Kit Content:
LentiMAX Packaging Mix, 25 Rxn per kit, sufficient to package 25 x 10 cm plate.
- CalFectin
Mammalian Cell Transfection Reagent, 1.0 mL per kit

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